Blue is the colour of the sky, of water, of the distance. Blue calms and relaxes, enhances clear thinking and signals decisiveness. Blue is therefore just the right colour for our comprehensive basic module CARGOBASE® TMS. Our tried-and-tested CARGOBASE® transport management software gives you an overview of all of your logistics workflows, quite effortlessly. You can control your transport and shipping processes on the European market with great efficiency and reliability, regardless of the mode of transport and the required workflow structure. And including warehouse logistics and warehouse management, financial accounting, management accounting and much more. With CARGOBASE® TMS, you have a powerful system at your disposal that meets all modern requirements, based on a one single, all-inclusive database.

Easily configured, perfectly combined. The key principle of CARGOBASE® is configuring, not programming. The intelligent linking technology and numerous options for configuration open up many new ways for you to optimise your business processes.

CARGOBASE® TMS can be adjusted precisely to suit your needs. The program has a modular structure and both operative and strategic tools can be added at any time as the need arises. The multiple-language user interface makes it possible for our software to be used worldwide. The design is modern and the interface intuitive, and thus a breeze to use. Regular updates ensure that the latest changes are applied to your CARGOBASE® in due time. And as for your existing logistics IT – with the large number of CARGOBASE® TMS interfaces, you can integrate our modules into practically any existing IT structure.


Storage position management, best-before date, FIFO, serial number management, batch, temperature, dangerous goods, open customs warehouse, article warehouse, item warehouse, handling/warehouse scanner


The CARGOBASE® warehouse program is a universal system for managing dispatch and item warehouses. It provides dialogue-based processing of items entering and leaving storage, taking into account first-in/first-out (FiFo), best-before date, temperature-critical goods, dangerous goods, storage position management, batches and serial number management, minimum order quantity, minimum stock level and storage period.

You can enter several different packing levels, and select on one as stock management level. This allows you to distribute the units from largest to smallest. With this distribution in place, you can perform any number of storage additions and retrievals in all these packing units. The system will perform the recalculation for determining stock level automatically.


CARGOBASE® provides a convenient entry form for storage and retrieval. It can even do all this in advance, for example if the goods have not yet reached the warehouse (reservations can be made). Distribute your new items to specific storage positions, initiate invoicing in just a few steps or have the system automatically calculate the storage fees.

For goods retrieval, your options include being able to retrieve only from specific selected storage entries. You can, of course, also generate a dispatch from a storage entry or a storage retrieval automatically.

An extensive range of forms is also provided, for example inventory, stock and movement lists and delivery notes.