The colour orange symbolises drive, vitality and joie de vivre. Orange stimulates and has a positive influence. Accordingly, our orange-coloured business intelligence module CARGOBASE® BI gives you everything you need to drive your business forward and steer it towards a successful future. CARGOBASE® BI gives decision-makers all the important key figures, developments and reports they need for their work in graphic form – at the press of a button, clearly organised, secure and across all systems and departments.

With CARGOBASE® BI you and your senior staff can, on the basis of individual access rights, filter all important information on the company and also on individual departments and display it in graphic form directly in a cockpit. You define the level of detail in the display yourself, with a simple click. Choose increments from coarse to fine. The decidedly helpful tool also facilitates analysis and collaboration across departments and systems, for example by allowing data to be matched. In this way, you can increase your company’s efficiency and income. With its clear and informative display of data, CARGOBASE® BI thus gives your maximum planning reliability and transparency. In the short, medium and long term.