Violet stands for focused contemplation and inspiration. This is why the colour is just right for CARGOBASE® WEB PORTAL, a module that is fundamentally indispensable. Our “Internet window” provides a clear view of the entire dispatch process – you, your customers, agents, branches and subsidiaries the world over can benefit from maximum transparency right across the supply chain. 24 hours a day. Each individual stage is shown on the monitor in a convenient and uncomplicated display. And transmitted directly to your customers via interfaces. Without any gaps, up to the last item.

Dispatch tracking – simple and clear. How does dispatch tracking work? It’s very simple. Our system searches for new dispatches with tracking-relevant status at set regular times. As soon as your dispatch has been entered in the CARGOBASE® WEB PORTAL and given a corresponding status, it can therefore also be found in the system. The information is then transported to the web portal server in the form of an interface file via FTP. In the information database, the “customer window”, this information is then shown to you and your customers. You are free to choose whether the data is kept by your web servers or whether you’d prefer to use our server farm. But this is the only decision that you have to make. Everything else is done for you by our intelligent software – automatically and reliably.

With the web portal, you make it possible for your customers to track online the dispatches/packages they have handed over to you and their path through the transport chain, from pick-up to delivery. The CARGOBASE® web portal differentiates between dispatch information and dispatch tracking (the differences are explained in more detail below).