The colour red is normally connected with activity, danger and dynamism. Red conveys energy, is a warning colour and also stands for determination. Consequently, we have chosen this signal colour for CARGOBASE® VIEW. Because the sophisticated statistics module allows you to look ahead and recognise dangers early on. With CARGOBASE® VIEW you always have an overview – of your tours, your dispatches or your stock. This gives you maximum process and planning reliability. For everyone – in Sales, in Financial Control and in Management.

With the help of CARGOBASE® VIEW, creating your own evaluations and reading data is sure to be successful. And even fun. How does it work? It’s very simple: You select the modules that you want to evaluate, for example tours, dispatches or stock. This immediately gives you access to the information stored in CARGOBASE®. Once you have transferred the selected data to Excel, already sorted, coloured, in bold or totalled up, you can process the data further. Lists, bar charts or pie charts then show you at a glance how your figures are developing and where some action may be required. Analysis, planning and reporting are much easier to get right and, above all, more professional.

In the statistics module, you select the modules (e.g. tours, dispatches, stock) that you want to evaluate. You have access to the information that has been entered in CARGOBASE®.

You can do this temporarily or you can save your statistics data and then access it daily, weekly or monthly.

Then transfer the selected data to Excel, already sorted, coloured, in bold or totalled up.

You can then further process the data in Excel, choosing between lists, bar charts and pie charts.