Gold stands for wealth, value and loyalty. Dynamic and communicative behaviour is also associated with this colour. Our gold-coloured module CARGOBASE® CRM is thus synonymous with all the factors that make your sales organisation a dependable, valued business partner. And the basis for your success. The user-friendly management module for marketing and sales supports you every day in keeping your customers loyal. Now, and in the future. With CARGOBASE® CRM you can organise your contacts and appointments easily and flexibly and systematically manage all kinds of marketing promotions and mailshots. Clear graphics and graphs along with sales and order statistics show you where action is required and where you have already reached your ambitious goals. Make your work easier, concentrate on essential matters – without losing sight of anything important.

CRM for golden customer contacts CARGOBASE® CRM provides convenient and effective support for customer acquisition and customer support. In developing this powerful tool, we incorporated our project experience and our specialist knowledge from over 30 years of working with forwarders and logistics companies. CARGOBASE® CRM provides important information at the press of a button, such as address and contact details, follow-up dates, quotations, credit limits, birthdays and complete visit reports. Enter a follow-up contact date to receive a pop-up window reminder of important business appointments so that nothing gets lost in day-to-day stress.


The CARGOBASE® module CRM/Acquisition is designed to help the Sales department.

From creating address data, credit limit information and contact partners to writing visit reports, phone contacts and quotations, the module allows you to set up pop-up window reminders by entering a follow-up contact date. All reports can be created individually. You can also use the mail merge feature in Microsoft Word.

A rights management system is available that you can use to control your potential customers. If a prospective buyer becomes a customer, you should use the sales statistics and order statistics to review your agreements.