Green calms, provides serenity and conveys security. And our innovative operations and financial accounting module CARGOBASE® Finance is just as secure and reliable. It represents powerful accounting and meets all the requirements of modern bookkeeping. Classic tasks such as day-to-day accounting, e-banking, dunning and foreign currency invoices can be completed conveniently and with ease. In its core functions, our module is also designed to meet the requirements of the tax authorities. This means that you can rest assured that even the tax authorities will have no problem with your documents.

But CARGOBASE® FINANCE can do much more. In developing this module, we considered not only how things stand at the moment but also the challenges of tomorrow. After all, the intention is that your company will grow. Thanks to the complete integration into the basic module CARGOBASE® TMS, you can represent all logistics processes from A to Z and also analyse all cost items and interrelational modes of operation. Our analysis and planning tools provide valuable insights into and concerning business decisions. You can find out, for example, how profitable the individual units are. You can compile informative cost/benefit analyses, receive useful inspiration on how to increase revenue and draw up concrete scenarios for business development. Our sophisticated forecast system allows you to look ahead and assess risks thanks to variable figure entries. Our reporting system provides extensive reports at any time that are of importance for your business decisions. Regardless of whether you need individual monthly reports or information spanning multiple years.


  • Multiple languages
  • Suggestion lists
  • User-definable dunning texts
  • Five user-defined dunning levels
  • Interest and dunning fees
  • Balance confirmations
  • User-definable dunning forms